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“Keeping people employed and gas prices low are my priorities, not yelling at the other side.” - Bart

As your next Congressman, Bart will focus on good jobs that put money in people's pockets.  

Good Jobs, strong communities

We need an economy that enables people to take care of themselves and their families, one that strengthens our communities rather than sucking the life out of them.  Bart understands this, so his top economic priorities are:

  • Getting inflation under control, quickly, by breaking supply chain bottlenecks, fighting price gouging by giant corporations and bringing gas prices under control
  • Fighting for workers and families by raising the minimum wage, continuing the Child Tax Credit and ensuring the right to form and join unions
  • Supporting local businesses by changing tax and investment policies that give giant corporations an unfair advantage
  • Supporting recent steps by the FTC and Justice Department to fight corporate monopolies that hurt consumers, small businesses and the economy

Leveling the playing field for everyday people

We should be strengthening rights, not taking them away, making it easier for individuals and families to make their own decisions, not harder. 

  • The Dobbs decision overturning Roe v Wade was an affront to the autonomy of women, who should be able to access the health care that’s right for them. At the state level, Bart is in full support of the proposed constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot in November that will guarantee in our state constitution the legal right for women to have control over their reproductive rights. Once in Congress, Bart will support the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade.
  • Nothing is more basic to a democracy than the right of citizens to choose their leaders, so I support expanding access to voting for all US citizens, fighting the ridiculous restrictions my opponent supports.
  • Discrimination of any kind is un-American. I support strengthening laws that protect people’s basic rights in housing, education and the workplace, including for LGBTQ people.

Prioritizing Farmers and Michigan Agriculture 

Michigan produces more than 300 commodities, making us the second most diverse agricultural state in the nation, just behind California.  It’s a treat every summer to pick and enjoy Michigan blueberries, some of the best in the world.  Yet Michigan’s farmers struggle mightily, with steep increases in the costs of fertilizer, seeds, labor and most other inputs, alongside stagnant prices for their products.  Farmer bankruptcies across the nation are at a 30-year high.

Today, Michigan does not have representation on the Agriculture Committee in the US Congress and Bart will make it a priority to serve on this critically important Committee so he can help draft the 2023 Farm Bill.  In that role, and as a congressman, he’ll work with farmers to:

  • Make long-overdue modifications to the H-2A visa program to help our farmers obtain labor
  • Invest in infrastructure that connects farmers to well-paying markets and provides essential processing capacity for meats, dairy, and produce
  • Support and incentivize time-tested farming practices that build healthy soil and reduce carbon in the atmosphere

Standing up for seniors

We need to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.  These programs are vital, and Bart will fight any attempt to cut funding, reduce benefits or further privatize them.  To sustain and strengthen these essential programs, Bart will:

  • Fight to eliminate the Social Security Payroll cap to fully fund the program for years to come. At present, a hedge fund manager or a corporate CEO earning $50 million a year pays nothing – not a cent – into the Social Security Trust fund on $49,853,000 of their income because of this cap, while most of us pay 6.2% on every dollar of our income.
  • Build on the recently passed bill to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, protecting this long-overdue legislation while fighting to change patent laws that allow corporations to delay generic drugs to maintain sky-high profits

Honoring our veterans with actions, not just talk

We are forever indebted to veterans for the risks they took in serving us all. We must honor and support them with better medical and mental health care and protection of benefits.  Specifically, Bart will:

  • Continue efforts to reduce bureaucracy and streamline the review process at the VA, to dramatically shrink the wait time and rejection rates veterans often face
  • Bart supports the Veterans Choice Act, which has given more flexibility to veterans in choosing their medical providers. However, he opposes efforts to further privatize the Veterans Health Administration, which already provides better quality health care at lower cost to veterans.
  • Far more must be done to prevent suicide among veterans which is intolerably high, including increased funding for veterans’ mental health care, as well as support for veterans’ housing and employment

Protecting clean water and our shoreline. 

We must protect both our drinking water and our lakes — Michigan’s most valuable asset.  “Pure Michigan” shouldn’t be just a marketing slogan.  The 5th District is surrounded on both sides by two Great lakes and has hundreds of lakes in between.  These waters are not just for boats and water ski’s – they provide good jobs to Southern Michigan and play an important part in sustaining our farmland.

The Flint drinking water disaster/situation was inexcusable and can never happen again.  We know that you can’t talk about clean water without talking about the threat posed by PFAS contamination that has found its way into hundreds of sites in Michigan due to industrial contamination.  I will work with Congress to ensure current and pending PFAS related bills continue to get the attention they deserve. 

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

America’s health care system is the most advanced and sophisticated in the world. People travel to the US for treatments unavailable anywhere else.  Nevertheless, our system is broken for millions of Americans including those who must rely on charity for cancer treatment, or seniors forced to forgo prescriptions because they are too costly.  Overall, our healthcare system costs far too much and delivers too little, especially to those with limited resources.

In Congress, Bart will work to find common-sense solutions to bring down the costs of healthcare, lower prescription drug prices, and increase access to care for rural communities and others left behind.   Specifically, Bart will work to:

  • Expanding Medicare by lowering the eligibility age to 60 and allowing people to buy into the program at 50
  • Build on the recently passed bill to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, protecting this long-overdue legislation while fighting to change patent laws that allow corporations to delay generic drugs to maintain sky-high profits
  • Work with Rural hospital leaders to stabilize and then expand rural hospitals and clinics

Educating the next generation of leaders.

Teachers, support personnel, and administrators are an important part of our children’s education, and we should support them in and out of the school building.  Strong neighborhood schools are the backbone of our communities, and that’s why Bart will encourage investments in K-12, as well as post-secondary education like college or trade school.   Bart supports:

  • Increased state and federal funding of under-supported schools in rural areas and some urban communities to ensure that every child has a high-quality education
  • Supporting teachers and schools while also ensuring that parents have a voice in their children’s education. Bart believes this can be done constructively, rather than by pitting parents against teachers
  • Increasing support for community colleges and vocational technical programs, as well as OTJ training and mentorship programs to create strong career paths for people who choose not to go to a four-year college

Promoting responsible gun ownership.

Gun ownership is an important American right, like freedom of speech, religious practice, and assembly.  But with all of the rights also comes responsibility, and that includes some limits necessary to protect the rights of others.   Bart recognizes that guns can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and so he will work to promote responsible gun ownership, rather than making excuses for inaction.  This includes:

  • Universal background checks, supported by the vast majority of people, is a solution we should implement immediately.
  • Raising the age requirement for owning a rifle to 21, just like it already is for handguns. Farm kids and hunters who need a rifle at an earlier age can still have access to rifles purchased by their parents or other family members of age
  • Passage of laws that enable local law enforcement to prevent or remove guns from people who pose a clear threat to others, particularly in cases of domestic violence

Energy, efficiency, and conservation

Bart supports a comprehensive energy policy that will ensure America’s energy independence while moving us towards clean, renewable, and affordable energy as quickly as possible.  He is confident that we don’t have to choose between fighting climate change and building a strong economy with reliable energy sources.  To that end, Bart will work for:

  • Dramatic increases in energy efficiency, especially in terms of homes and buildings, in order to save families money while reducing our carbon footprint. Increased energy efficiency is truly the ‘low hanging fruit’ of energy independence and clean energy
  • Continued and expanded tax incentives for renewable energy, both for consumers and households as well as for American manufacturers of solar, wind, and other renewable technologies
  • Substantial investment in economic transition for worker and communities undergoing shifts away from coal, oil, and other fossil fuels. These workers truly powered America’s growth for two centuries. Instead of abandoning them, we must help them use and update their skills for new economic opportunities

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