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"I'm tired of the extremists to the left and the right. I'm a regular person with common-sense views and that's exactly who I'll represent in Congress" -Bart

We need to stop yelling at each other and get something done.  Extremes have the loudest voice in our politics, and that pits neighbor against neighbor. 

My highest priority when serving in Congress will be to help bridge the terrible divide in this country. If we don’t, the great American Experiment is at risk.

I know that the people of Southern Michigan are good, and I will work by example so that they will understand that I am as well. I will be accessible to everyone and work to establish trust with the entire district.

My obligation is not to a political party, but instead to this Nation and the people of South Michigan who are fortunate enough to live in it. I will make sincere efforts to work with those on the other side of the aisle to improve the life of Michiganders. I will not let partisan politics damage the interests of our nation, and I’ll stand up for working people and families every day.

Democracy is hard work. I want to do my part to make it work.  That’s why I want to ask for your vote and support in November 2022. 



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